Ram Prasad Meenavalli

Ram Prasad Meenavalli

C# Corner MVP | Technical Expert on SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure

About Me

I am a technology evangelist with primary focus on SharePoint and Office 365. As a Microsoft expert, I provide technical guidance in driving digitalization initiatives, making strategies and roadmap for Intranet and Collaboration applications using Microsoft 365, Azure and MS Bot Framework. Over my 12 years of experience, I have worked as a developer, designer, administrator and an architect in building social intranets, knowledge base portals, and collaboration spaces using different versions of SharePoint. A quick learner and mentor with excellent inter-personal skills.

Major Projects

Enterprise Social Intranet

A corporate intranet portal providing an enterprise channel to broadcast information across the organization, with integrated social collaboration capabilities. This is developed on SharePoint 2019 with a full trust Provider Hosted Add-In. The Add-In is designed using a severless architecture built with the latest frameworks and technology stack

SharePoint Support Chatbot

Provides the first level support for managing the collaboration and team sites on SharePoint server. It is built using Microsoft Bot Framework which performs tasks such as creating SharePoint sites, sending reminders to the Site Owners, cleaning up unused libraries, sites etc. The tasks are automatically performed by the Bot, after validating the rights for the current user .

SPFx Kanban Board Open Source

An SPFx webpart which connects to a SharePoint tasks list for showing a kanban board and the status of the tasks are automatically changed when the tasks are moved on the kanban board.

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Document Management Portal

A SharePoint Online site template designed using Site Designs & Site Scripts and using Power Automate. A complete documents management solution which handles document approvals, archival, and classifying data based on Enterprise Metadata. This also offers a custom search functionality which helps in finding the information quickly by showing the most relevant documents for the current logged in user.

Work Experience

Application Expert - Infineon (2016 - Present)

Responsible for driving the digitalization initiatives. Adding value to business using Office 365, SharePoint and Azure

Technology Lead - Infosys (2008 - 2016)

Application architecture, design and development of intranet and internet based applications. Worked with the clients from different Geographical regions in Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare and Banking domains.

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