Frequently Asked Questions

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Q : Users unable to authorize the app and page reloads in a infinite loop
A : Open the Yammer Parts home page, and navigate to the 'Yammer Tokens' list (navigate to this URL - http://<<your app url>>/Lists/YammerTokens). From the ribbon, click on List -> 'Shared With'. From the pop up, click on 'Advanced'. Make sure the List has unique permissions and following groups have contribute access on this list

  • All Users (membership)
  • All Users (windows)
  • Everyone
  • NT AUTHORITY\\Authenticated Users (for SharePoint on-premises)

Q : Unable to update the client ID in the Yammer Parts home page
A : Login as site collection administrator to the SharePoint site, and navigate to the Yamer Parts home page and try again.

Q : Getting an error 'Webage cannot be found' when authorizing the app / Page is looping itself infinitely
A : Users should authorize the app by logging in to the same Yammer network where the Yammer App is registered. Make sure the user logs in from the same yammer network.

Q : The App Parts/App pages are showing blank in IE
A : This happens in Internet Explorer. Add the following URLs in trusted sites zone to resolve this issue

  • https://*
  • https://*
  • https://* (if using SharePoint online)
  • URL of your site (if using SharePoint on-premises)