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NOTE: SharePoint Developer's Hub doesn't hold the ownership or responsibility for any of the tools or utilities listed below. Please refer the terms & conditions and licenses from respective sites, by clicking on the ' Read More' link.

  • U2U CAML Query Builder for SharePointCAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) is an XML based query language used to query lists and libraries in a SharePoint portal. U2U CAML Query Builder is a windows applciation, through which we can create the CAML Queries easily. Download  Read More  

    SharePoint Log ViewerSharePoint Log Viewer is a windows application which shows the SharePoint ULS logs. The logs can be searched and filtered based on any field. It read from multiple log files ans display them. The latest released version of this tool is 'SharePoint Log Viewer 2.5'. Download  Read More  

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Software Development KitThis is a windows executable, which has the overview of SharePoint 2010, programming concepts, code snippets, and various methods of developing solutions in SharePoint 2010. Download  Read More  

    SharePoint Utilities for Developers (SPUD)SharePoint Utilities For Developers (SPUD) is a Windows Forms application that contains useful productivity tools for developers and administrators. This project is also a learning tool for developing SharePoint applications against SharePoint web services. Download  Read More  

  • Imtech Fields Explorer VS PluginThis is a Visual Studio plug-in which gives you access to browse the fields of a sharePoint list. It also shows the Internal Names of the fields and all other properties of the fields. Download  Read More  

    Stramit SharePoint 2007 CAML Viewer This is a standalone application which is used for preparing CAML queries. Using this, we can view the GUIDs, Internal names and other properties of the list fields easily. It also shows the information about views for a particular list or document library. Download  Read More