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Site Documents Report

Published on 16-Feb-2016 | Comments

About this App

Site Documents Report is a SharePoint hosted App for SharePoint Server 2013. Using the App, one can generate a report of all the documents that were added or uploaded to a site collection during a certain period of time and optionally by a specified Author. The report shows as a chart with the different file types and the number of documents of each type that were uploaded. Users can also download the report as an excel (CSV) file, which contains the metadata of the documents.

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For this app to function, Search for your SharePoint 2013 sites should be configured and working. If continuous crawl is not enabled for your content sources, make sure the Crawl Frequency is configured as per your needs to update the documents in the search index to get a precise report.

Install from SharePoint App Store

Search for 'Site Documents Report' from SharePoint app store and click on 'Add It' to add the App to your SharePoint farm and install it in the required site. (OR) You can download the package and upload/install to your App Catalog.


  • This report includes only those documents which are available in the Site Collection. Any document which was uploaded during the selected period and is deleted will not be included in the report.
  • As this App uses SharePoint Search Index to create the report, the user who is generating the report should have atleast read access on all the items of the Site Collection. Otherwise, the report shows only those documents for which the user has access.
  • Its recommended to download reports with less than 2500 documents. Users can try to download reports with more documents, which might fail or result in the page becoming unresponsive. However, this depends on the browser and memory being used.


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