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Page Views for SharePoint Pages

Published on 4-Oct-2014 | Comments

What is 'SharePoint Page Views'?

SharePoint Page Views is an App for SharePoint Server 2013. Using the App Part from this App, the number of Page Views of a sharepoint page can be shown. Just add the webpart to a sharepoint page, and it shows the number of views for that page. Check the steps below for Intalling and Configuring this app.


For this app part to function, the Popularity Trends/Analytics for your SharePoint 2013 sites should be configured and working. Follow the below steps to check if its working

  • Search for any keyword, so that your sharepoint pages come up in the search results.
  • Hover your moouse on one of the pages, to get the preview pane of the result.
  • Make sure the view count of the page is displayed at the top right within the preview pane.
  • If the view count is visible, the 'SharePoint Page Views' App Part will work properly.
  • If the view count is not visible in the preview pane, please troubleshoot and fix this for the 'SharePoint Page Views' App Part to work.

Install from SharePoint App Store

Search for 'SharePoint Page Views' from SharePoint app store and click on 'Add It' to add the App to your SharePoint farm and install it in the required site.

Configuration Steps

  • Browse to your SharePoint Page where the Page Views should be shown
  • Edit the page and add the 'SharePoint Page Views' App Part
  • Edit the properties of the App Part and provide the absolute url of the current page to the 'Page Url' property of the app part
  • Sample Url : https://<<server url>>/sites/pages/yourpagename.aspx
  • Save the page and you should see the Page Views appearing


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